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VectorDesigner 1.4.12

An intuitive yet powerful vector drawing program

Vector drawing is almost an art in itself, and something that takes time to master. VectorDesigner is a good program both for those looking to learn all about and others who already have some experience with the technique. VectorDesigner offers a...
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  • by Anonymous

    good program, bad service. I agree with the thoughts that Tweakersoft have little understanding of customer service. Pros: Vector program. Cons: be responsive to customers. Mavericks version

  • by Anonymous

    What a FIND. I was looking for, and tried, about a dozen programs to use for drawing a bathroom vanity design. The majority of what came up in my searches were programs that had way too many bells and whistles and were very difficult to use. At least I THINK there were more bells and whistles. The problem is they were so difficult to use, I have no IDEA what they had. I LOVE this program. Pros: Ve More